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Ambiel Music: Majorly Independent

Ambiel Music – an Ipswich based music label with an ambition, character and charm. Ambiel has no intention of gathering together musicians who fit the clichéd and over-produced, stereotypical genre of modern mainstream radio. Nor does it wish to simply gather musicians of the same genre; literally speaking. However what Ambiel Music does promote is good music.

The bands on the label are varied, however all carrying themselves with a degree of ‘down to earth’ modesty. They range from the laid back, reggae inspired sounds of Darien Prophecy, through to the smile inducing rhythms of Voodoo Browne. Voodoo Browne blesses us with a noise which can be described most accurately, as the bastard son prodigy of The Sugarhill Gang, Gym Class Heroes and Roots Manuva. In short, it provides you with a mental ego-boost of a soundtrack, giving the listener a sense of deserved arrogance. Hummbug: a largely acoustic/pop band, produce positive sounds for the children of the summer, when reminiscing in the winter. One act which stands out from the others on this musically varied label is Kyra Jade. Kyra’s outlet seems to be focused more solely around Ipswich’s club/dance scene, emulating the sounds of an underground Lady Gaga (yes that is a good thing!). The Marvelous claim their influences range from Reggae to Punk; and their seemingly clichéd influence list proves itself pretty legit, with the range of influences illustrating themselves on each song.

With a brand new catalogue of material being released before the close of the year, I thought it best to grab my laptop and hit them up…

When speaking to Nat from Ambiel, the first thing I wanted to know was; what was their spin on Ipswich’s music scene?

“Ipswich is a very diverse town and I love all the cultures that we have here. There are plenty of small events going on that reflect this, although there should be much more. What we really need is a carnival again except bigger like in Notting Hill or Luton, basically shut the town down for a day in the summer and everyone puts on events around the towns major venues, pubs and streets, imagine that, it would be a nightmare to organise but would put us on the map!”

For all those who don’t know; what is the music like on Ambiel?

“The band/artists currently signed to Ambiel are an eclectic bunch! from the most cheesiest pop ballads group over to the more experimental hip hop artist with a sprinkle of pop and reggae in between - don’t think that even makes sense! What I’m getting at is that we don’t have any preference to genre or style and just accept the music for what it is. We love all the music on Ambiel.”

How do you think the bands on your label are representative of the Ipswich music scene as a whole?

“I don’t think any label can fully represent a town - you would [have to] be quite arrogant to claim such a thing. Also, you may be surprised to learn that we are not just Ipswich based. [We] have artists and bands on our books from all over the UK; I say artists because I don’t want to focus on bands as being the norm. We’re in the process of signing new acts at present that have nothing to do with Ipswich. Moving onto your point about the bands that are from Ipswich then I would say that we reflect a very small percentage of Ipswich’s music scene.”

Why does Ambiel stand out among other local labels?

“Why does it stand out? Here’s a cliché - because we’re different. And other labels locally? Hmmm, Not being ignorant but I don’t really care if we stand out locally. Our focus is on what the music business is doing on a global scale as this is where you find the new ways of working and servicing music.”

What should we expect from Ambiel in the future?

“Music from many unheard, talented bands, acts, artists or whatever you want to call them. I’ve just started a sub label with London Trance producer Chris Grabiec, called Dance Regime which has its debut release from Silverback and features the vocal talents of Rae Walden (MJ Cole, Matt Schwartz and TinTin Out) called ‘Guardian Angel’ out on 16th November 09 and caters for more of the Harder Dance music we have in our catalogue.”

So, what have we learnt today children? We’ve learnt Ambiel music is pure, it’s fun, it’s independent and most importantly, it’s real.

New and forthcoming releases

CatNo: Release - Artists - Genre - Release Date

AMBD0002: Magnificent Brain - Darien Prophecy - Easy Listening/Pop/Reggae - 23rd Nov 09
AMBD0005: Swing Reswung - Voodoo Browne - Hip Hop/Experimental/Pop - 16th Nov 09
AMBD0006: Good Vibrations (feat Jameson) - NJC & Innerheart - Commercial House - (tbc) Dec 09
AMBD0007: Suffer In Silence - The Marvelous - Acoustic/Pop/Reggae - (tbc) Dec 09
AMBD0010: Unknown Playlist Volume 1 - NJC - Drum and Bass - (tbc) Dec 09


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