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Santa Claus isn’t coming to Bury and Felixstowe, but IP1 magazine is!

As of next issue, IP1 will be freely available in two new areas: Bury St Edmunds and Felixstowe (handy if you’re from Bury or Felixstowe and like reading IP1 magazine). So, do let us know if there’s a particular spot in either of these marvellous Suffolk towns where you think we could leave copies of our mag. This might be a shop, cafe, pub, cinema, theatre, school, etc… Just comment on this blog and let us know.


1 Jema | on 29 October 2008

For Bury,
Drop some by in Hardcore Hobbies and Sunrise both on St Johns street.
Cafe-wise, I’ll be good to stick some in Starbucks cos that is where all the kids go after school. (well, the rich ones at least)
Also, the juice bar on Angel hill is a good’un.
If I think of more, I’ll let you know.


P.S Father Christmas is coming to Bury St Edmunds, mother has organised the Christmas fair and got one. I have to be an elf. :|

2 anon | on 29 October 2008

leveltwo youth project, felixstowe (above tesco)

3 Howard | on 03 November 2008

I’ve heard that Hardcore Hobbies, BMX shop in Bury is a good place

4 Leah | on 04 November 2008

Bury - Theatre Royal

5 joel | on 04 November 2008

the gallery has a little sit and read section!!!
the lounge
sunrise( both shops)
the unmighty nut shell smile

6 Nath | on 06 November 2008

Sunrise & Hardcore Hobbies are a must for Bury.

7 rograves | on 13 November 2008

For Felixstowe there could be quite a few good places:

The two high schools- Deben and Orwell (Could sort it out so they are put in the Sixth Form common rooms and around the art departments?)

In the Palace cinema (v small though so not sure how many people actually go there!)

Felixstowe Leisure Centre and Felixstowe library?

The Grosvenor pub is quite a good bet and Caffe Nero has just opened in the town centre and is proving popular.

I also agree on Level Two. smile

8 Howard | on 13 November 2008

Joel - do we already go to Deben and Orwell?

9 anon | on 13 November 2008

i can answer that. No.

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