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Retro Suites: Review by Laura Mathias

Retro Suites
Ambiel Music

The breezy, upbeat and catchy, harmonic melodies of Hummbug’s debut album have the ability to instantly improve your mood. Listening in my car on a cold November day, tracks like Never Meant That convince me that it’s summer all over again. Quite an achievement considering I’m sat in traffic in torrential rain. However, the longer I listen, the more I find myself struggling to distinguish which songs I’ve already heard – the similar rhythms and plain melodies throughout resulting in an album neither unlikable nor extraordinary. This is not to say that Retro Suites isn’t worthy of a listen, as there are certainly gems amidst this somewhat monotonous album. The pensive and soulful Saving Grace fittingly serves as the album’s saving track, for example. The epitome of easy-listening indie, Retro Suites is a promising start for the trio. LM


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