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Suffolk’s First Skater Hockey Team Needs You!

I’m trying to organise Suffolk’s first skater hockey team, and the only thing that is missing is you, Suffolk’s finest!
Skater hockey is the fastest contact sport on eight wheels, its energetic, hard hitting, skillful and amazing to play.
Our neighbours, Essex has some of the best teams in the UK, and it’s about time Suffolk had the chance to compete against these teams and stamp our mark as gods on wheels!
So, if you can skate, hold a stick and would like to give it a go, please message me
Check out this lil clip to wet your whistle.
You can read more about the sport here.


1 Howard | on 23 April 2009

Count me in, you crazy pipe-smoker. As a lad I was quite handy on eight wheels.

2 joel | on 24 April 2009

awesome, if anyone knows anyone that may be intrested get them to get in touch.
i can offer skate lesson for free!!!
snoasis is coming in three years and they are planning a roller rink, lets give them a team to play there smile

3 Howard | on 01 May 2009

Nick Woolnough is also in. He’s quite athletic and assured me he used to be quite handy on skates once upon a time.

This is great, I feel like I’m in a Will Ferrel movie.

How’s your recruitment drive going? How many dudes do we need to get this thing in motion?

4 joel | on 01 May 2009

we will need about 9 to 12 players.
4 forwards, 4 deffenders (two lines) two goalies.
so far we have four people including me, you and Nick.
theres a chap called will, who used to play in plymouth, sounds quite handy.

I have got in touch with a gent called thomas fell from the ipswich skating club, and he would like to set a team up so fingers cross we could get a venue to play at as well.

do you have any kit or a stick? i have a couple i could i borrow to you guys?

ive set a group up on face book to get more people intrested.

5 distroyer | on 25 June 2009

Alright mate.. Names Chris..
Been looking to set up or join a team for years..
Can get line of 4 plus all wiv kit..
We used to play for Cambridge then moved onto RAF Lakenheath before they were shipped out..
Have you got somewere to train yet?

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