IP1 Magazine

IP1 magazine was a much-loved print title that ran for 12 years; distributed free to young people across Ipswich and Suffolk.

Issue 29 Cover

Issue 29

Featuring: My Petty Crime, XTC, Sarah H, IP1 Music Special, the Diary of a Social Butterfly, Sex in a Chatroom, Kesgrave Penguins FC, and Facestalking (eurgh, get off me you poking freak!)

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Issue 28 Cover

Issue 28

Featuring: Guilty Pleasures, Vanilla Kick, BMX Bury style, East Coast FMX, Psychomagic, The Boomerang Kid, Dirty Shockwaves, and ShowOffs exposing themselves (Show me yours and I’ll show you mine!)

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Issue 27 Cover

Issue 27

Featuring: Weird Dreams, CopperPilot, Suffolk Booze, Esther MacGregor, Mark McLaughlin, Kasper Wegrzynowski, Porchy and Local Student Talent (Phwoar, look at the artworks on that!)

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Issue 26 Cover

Issue 26

Featuring: OCDs, Wot No Venue, Coming Out, Vick Guthrie, KDS, Some Best Friend, Breakdancing, Lip and Berry Patten (Ipswich’s most offensive artist)

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Issue 25 Cover

Issue 25

25th Anniversary Edition!

Featuring: 25 issues of IP1, Laurine Mennetret, Absent Kid, Tom Newman, Volunteering, Local Hip hop, Self-Injury, Lexu$, and Hoodies (56% of people who wear hoods commit crime)

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Issue 38 Cover

Issue 38

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