IP1 Magazine

IP1 magazine was a much-loved print title that ran for 12 years; distributed free to young people across Ipswich and Suffolk.

Issue 24 Cover

Issue 24

Featuring: The Ippies, James Severy, Lucy Selina-Hall, Michael Murphy, Pity The Fool, Kitesurfing, Ipswich Student Nights, Skateboarding and Belinda Gillett (The best a man can get).

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Issue 23 Cover

Issue 23

Featuring: Andrew Gibson, Kevin Pearce, Sunday Cellar, Dirtboarding, Small Town Bullies, Mizi, Sunday Cellar and Porn (Put that away this instant!)

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Issue 22 Cover

Issue 22

Featuring: Bad Sekta, Ian Harris, Kimbo, Marisa Hopkins, CuriosityCollective, Chesterfield Drive, Roy Fitzsimmons, TruSay and Unhappy Kids (Mum, you’ve forgotten to put Prozac on my Cheerios)

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Issue 21 Cover

Issue 21

Featuring: Pixelh8, The Ballistics, Marta Gazicka, Tristan Burfield, Rex Garrod, Snowboarding, Townley & Bradby and Crap Christmas (Thanks Mum, it’s what I’ve always wanted!)

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Issue 20 Cover

Issue 20

Featuring: The Shadow Project, Ryan Jordan, Mark Lander, Dropout Studios, The Horns, Encyclopedia Destructica, The Halfwits and Temporary Madness (Look over there, there’s a blue dog!)

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Issue 39 Cover

Issue 39

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