IP1 Magazine

IP1 magazine was a much-loved print title that ran for 12 years; distributed free to young people across Ipswich and Suffolk.

Issue 19 Cover

Issue 19

Featuring: Parkour, The Creyola Thief Genius, Jayne Lawless, Cheeky Cheeky And The Nosebleeds, Propehcy, Editors, How Dare You and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (urgh, what’s that doing in my pants!)

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Issue 18 Cover

Issue 18

Featuring: Ip-Spit, Rosalita, Ben Clarke, Portugeezers, This Mourning After, Lloyd Evans, Bike-Trials, Fat Jim and Anarchy In The UK (No running in the corridors, Jenkins!)

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Issue 17 Cover

Issue 17

Featuring: Braincandy, James Noble, Jessica Oyelowo, Eastern Angles, Fiddler Crab, Zeeb?, Nee-Hi and Passing Wind (The one who smelt it, dealt it!)

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Issue 40 Cover

Issue 40

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