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Craft is the way forward

Giant plush toy complete with his own plush craft kit.

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Craft is the way forward


1 joel | on 15 May 2009

i want one for fred smile
great work lucy:)
are you coming to the opening night of 3?

2 Howard | on 15 May 2009

lucy. these are bloody amazing! are they for sale?

3 joel | on 15 May 2009

hands off Howard, i was here first lol.
do you want to start a bidding war???

4 Howard | on 15 May 2009

Yes I do. I bid a fiver

5 joel | on 15 May 2009

i bid £5.50 and half a curlywurly…......boooooooom, blown out of the water.

6 Howard | on 15 May 2009

woah, still reeling from the body blow… i’m gonna cut to the chase. £10 in book tokens.

7 joel | on 15 May 2009

shit….ermm. ffffph…..right, here goes£5.50 half a curly wurly, £10 in booktokens, a second hand copy of big trouble in little china and half of a gordon the goeffer glove puppet signed by andy peters half brother kenny peters.

8 Howard | on 15 May 2009

jeez, that a major gazump. but seems like you talkin out your A-hole boy: just got off the phone to kenny peter’s agent in staines. seems kenny’s got an aversion to glove puppets after one attacked him in a nightclub. your story don’t add up, which means the gordon the goeffer puppet is a fake. wanna sell to a fraud, lucy? didn’t think so.

9 joel | on 17 May 2009

the puppet is the same puppet that attacked poor kenny that very night, gordon asked for a autograph and kenny did but kenny thought he was better then gordon and called him a rat in goeffers clothing, gordon couldnt handle it so he went jackie chan on kennys ass.
but as he was running from the scene of the crime he fell under roadsweeper, it must of torn him to shreds….....and thats where i found the in the gutter.
poor gordon he never had a chance.

so lucy you could own a bit of history?


10 lozz berry | on 12 June 2009

ill bake some brownies and give you one.
I win. less is more.

11 Howard | on 12 June 2009

lucy seems to be keeping out of this debate. maybe the thought of selling these makes her sad. i would be sad if i had to let these go.

12 lozz berry | on 12 June 2009

im not bidding, just offering brownies

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