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Pirate Games

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Pirate Games

There’s a heat beneath my feet,
In my blood, between my eyes.
There’s a fire in this street,
And the window-dressing white
Won’t hide the smoke.

There’s ice behind the broken blind,
Long legs around an open mind…
And I’m spitting ivy words tonight;
Discolouring the tiles.

There’s something wild beyond the gate,
A few steps past the shipwreck’s mate
A swing-set pirate renegade
Plays deadly eyepatch games. 

There’s no wind against our mirror sails,
And the sweet glass oracle turned tail
When he saw the storm we’ve made and sailed
To defy the truths of self-made fate.

Prudence calls to start again,
Retrace the roads we didn’t mend-
Red thunder roars and dies in hell,
The pirate ships forget themselves.


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