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like the rain

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like the rain

You were, at least, the rain.
You meant something, felt something, even if it was only

Though you didn’t pour, only drizzled, dripped.
Like a loose tie and a hang-dog expression;
a battered briefcase.

You could never brave a storm, or tame a fire..
Never brighten a day.
I sometimes wondered if you ever fell the pull of life, or gravity.

But I was wrong. You hit the ground all the same.
And I hit it with you.

And though we spend our lives telling ourselves that
It’s not the landing, but the fall that matters,
you didn’t buy it, but you didn’t mind.

Becuase you knew that it all comes around again.
And your liquid heart doesn’t break.

I, on the other hand, was always human.
And I lay beside you with a shattered heart and a
Shattered mind,

And watched you slowly drain away.


1 mattagate | on 23 May 2009

Sounds pretty personal, but awesome i liked “Like a loose tie and a hang-dog expression; a battered briefcase.” Il read your other ones when i get the chance.

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