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Allow me to introduce you sir.
Her eyes are brown and she says she’s dreaming- 
Her hair is black, but she swears it’s painted gold.
She has red lines around her eyes, and she
Cries often, she says.

She told me to tell you, sir, that as
You move, she floats.
And you cross in mid air sometimes, only you’d never know it,
Becuase you’re on different wavelengths-
You miles above because your
Words are self assured and you are
Beautiful, undeniably

Allow me to introduce you, sir.
She, all those miles below and sideways,
With her old eyes and her young limbs
May love you.
And I know you would never normally do this,
But sometimes deep feelings call for unorthodoxy,
And she was most insistent that just this once,
You would consider her as more than a

Allow me to…
I do apologise, I did not realise this might tempt you to
Fall from grace…
She merely wanted to see you, perhaps kiss you-
A small dream in exchangefor a
Minor sidestep, sir.


Well I must say, sir, I never expected you to
Do anything but disagree…
But she was so polite and so quiet and so
And I know, how much she hoped.


1 Howard | on 03 June 2009

This is so lovely. It’s how James Blunt would write if he was able to. That’s NOT meant as a criticism by the way!

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