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Untitled - 1


1 lozz berry | on 07 June 2009

this is the kind of image i love to work with, it’s mystical, thumbs up, how did you make it all huey

2 Michael Morrow | on 07 June 2009

I didn’t make it, it makes itself wink  I have control over composition and that’s mostly it, the camera does the rest & I find out what happened when I get the film back.

It may be a combination of too much light, old film.. + it’s a Holga and that’s what they do grin

I have 1 other where my daughter is looking & pointing at the camera, it’s a little less focused but if you want to see it let me know..

3 lozz berry | on 08 June 2009

holga, i see, good old old cameras! i really hate the crispness of modern perfect cameras.

4 Howard | on 12 June 2009

i love this shot, it’s so surreal. i thought the child was an alien species when i first looked at it.

5 lozz berry | on 12 June 2009

wow what a compliment to that poor girl!

6 lozz berry | on 12 June 2009

/ alien

7 Howard | on 12 June 2009

It is trippy though isn’t it?

8 lozz berry | on 12 June 2009

yeahman a bit dazed and confusedesc

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