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Through His Eyes

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Through His Eyes

I had watched her. For hundreds of days, it seemed, through the roll of the sun and the safety of night. She was such a perfect creature; beautiful, of course, but innocent and gentle inside too, I knew. I could have watched her for the rest of my life… The way she swept her hair off her forehead in the sunshine, the sway of her body when she walked. Oh, God, I loved to watch her walk.
  I felt as if I knew everything about her before we even met; I saw her everywhere. I knew where she worked, where she went for fun, where she lived. I used to walk past her house every day. It was like fate.

The first time I met her, we both knew, from that moment, we were in love. She was out in town with her friends, and I happened to be there, at the same bar. She was tipsy, and I remember the sound of her laugh so clearly. I bought her drinks all night. We talked until the bar was closing, and she wanted to come back to my flat. By this point she was so drunk she couldn’t walk, so I carried her inside, laid her on the bed. Watched her sleep. 

I always was a gentleman like that.

The next two days were wonderful. Through the clarity of her now sober eyes, I could see she was falling deeper in love with me with each passing hour. I was consumed by her, and she needed me like I needed her. We never left the house. “Why won’t you let me go!” she’d joke, smiling, she knew she couldn’t bring herself leave me, and I’d never let her. I thought I’d keep her forever. Sometimes we’d just sit and talk, sometimes we’d make love. Occasionally she’d mention she should call her parents, but she never got around to it. She was suprising in bed, she was into all this bondage… I tied her to my bed and made love to her, over and over and over again. She loved it. I had to gag that pretty little mouth to stop her screaming my name. By the end of it I had scratches all over my back, she really knew how to make me bleed.

On the fourth day I killed her. I put a pillow over her desperate face and pushed down, pushed all my weight into her, all my love into her, and I hid her like a secret from the world. Don’t blame me. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I had to. They were coming, I had heard the sirens that morning, I had seen it on the news; kidnapped. Kidnapped? That’s what they said. I guess some people just can’t tell the difference. Because we were in love, we were in love…


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