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Rainbow Coloured Knots

I wrote this over a year a go, at the time I remember wanting to play around with abstract ideas and wanting to use colours in my work, hence rainbow coloured knots…

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Rainbow Coloured Knots

I’ll tie a knot
In a rainbow
At the end
Of it all
Wait for you
At the side of the road
I’ll send up sparks
To help you
Find your way
I’ll stand
Where the last man
I’ll disconnect
This thing
From my brain
Reconnect it
To my heart
Let you sew the pieces back
The way you want them
to be
So I don’t fall apart.

Look down
In to your eyes
Will anyone
When this worlds
Been torn
When the shreds
Of what’s left
Lost in the mass
Will my hand
Still clutch yours
Will it still matter?
That I told you
I love you
Will it still look the same?
Through the glass
Where the subject
Or object
No name.

Thoughts assemble
Feelings clobber
Emotions disband.

Will my knot
Still be a knot
In a colourless rainbow
When the sun
Doesn’t shine
And the sea stands still
Will the moon still hang
From the heavens?
Like an eye
Looking down
Through one pain filled tear.

When there’s no time left
When faces diminish
Will my knot still mean anything to you?

What if the knot, is untied?
Along with everything else
Remove one fracture. Just one.

Will you be the one
To untie
My knot?
Or will I
Have to search
For someone
To glue me back
Or go on
Never knowing.


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