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The Backstreets of Us.

This one is like the sister poem to Naked Conversation, I was playing with similar ideas here and the emotion was very much fueled in the same way, infact I wrote striaght after Naked Conversation, on the same night so I guess that is why they touch around a similar topic.

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The Backstreets of Us.

If you walked down the silent street that I know
The one I walk down in the night
The one I walk down at night
The one I stroll past sometimes
The one I go by now and again
Sometimes it’s easy to enjoy that silence that hangs in the middle distance like a thick fog.
I embrace it and my whole self soaks in it.


Sometimes it’s not so easy.
Sometimes it would be healthier to block out that silence
Sometimes to hear a noise or a sound would soak up what’s left behind with much more effect.

If I walked down the busy street that’s just beyond the silent one,
Not far, but in the distance, the busy, ruff and tumble street that sits behind the sunset.
If you walked down the streets I walk down.
If you took a stroll through the backstreets of me.
The Backstreets of you.
Sometimes you might catch a glimpse of me; maybe at times I’d hear a sound from you.


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