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London 2012 TV advert

A project for University, I had to produce a TV advert for The London Underground…

I decided to promote the Underground as a good way to travel during the Olympics.

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1 rograves | on 01 July 2009

V cool. I really like this! A brilliant idea to include the race as tube lines. I’d like to see these as a series showing the different ways to travel from different ways into London e.g st pancras.

2 Abram | on 01 July 2009

I Like this, you should actually try and get this put on, I think they would use it, it’s simple, clever and to the point. Good work.

3 rograves | on 02 July 2009

I agree! Definitely worth a try and it’s good enough for tv and the web.

4 Robbie | on 02 July 2009

Hey, thanks guys! Me and my teacher were discussing bout sending this off I think I’m gonna do a few retouch’s but I’ll let you guys see it before

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