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little red

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little red

Little red riding hood.
It was the colour, red.
I said she seduced me.
That colour,
It spoke to me with her lips
Her mouth wasn’t longer than my thumb
And I could swallow
Her face with my palm.
I pretended to be a friend of a friend
Held her sticky hand,
And fed her- sweeties.
Told her mummy’s gone and I’m all she’s got.
Told the staff she was my sisters daughter
When we went for sweeties down the shop
(or that’s what they told the cops)
Her rag-doll hair
I thought I could be mummy
Pressed her to my chest (hard)
Mummy’s breasts
My masculine fingers couldn’t tie her shoes, or braids or cook
So she left in a sulk,
Eyes bright, skin hot
Rag-doll hair bouncing, flying
every time I lift the trap door.


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