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the curse of aphrodite


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the curse of aphrodite

i slip out of my body
she seduces
i slit throats
my lovely limbs possessing hers
i am the distorted image
i watched, intoxicated
as she screwed every man i’ve ever known
-the sweetness of cyanide gas-
i saw her breathe straight from their bloody lungs
she directs a cloud of milky smoke
the brutal constriction of a silken rope
in frenzy, momentous epilespsy
she throws back her head
and i sink my teeth into the alabaster flesh of her throat
desert sand-technicolour-
pours out of the gash
but co-agualates
i have created
a tiny
perfectly formed


1 Daniel Lee Harvey | on 03 August 2009

My Brain is collapsing with such excentric imagery. it’s amazing x

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