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dead batteries gig review (man on the moon, cambridge, april 08)

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dead batteries gig review (man on the moon, cambridge, april 08)

THE DEAD BATTERIES, the youngest and gig-opening Ipswich local-band are getting increasingly well-known for their own blend of anarcho-street punk. You’re hard pushed to find a crowd that will go wild for The Dead Batteries ‘cause promotion-wise, they are a hard band to place. But they fit in well with ICH and The Restarts and I’m sure would have gone down better if a concentrated series of disasters hadn’t happened from the very first song of their set. Halfway through what would have been a powerful opening song, Mitch broke a string and was kindly lent a bass from The Restarts (who I have been told thank again in print), as the gig progressed the band started to realise that the technical set-up was crap and half the drum-kit fell off the platform. From here, The Dead Batteries set was shaky and little half-hearted (who can blame them!) but the boys still managed to pull-off a solid performance with smiles on their faces. Simon is probably the Ipswich scene’s most revered drummer, Mitch, on bass, throws in well-good fiddly bass shit and shares lead vocals with Simon and Aeddan lurks around on stage, frequents various mics’ and generally completes the music without anyone really givin him much credit. The Dead Batteries were a good (if unfortunate) opening band, giving a performance that pales in comparison to their other shows, they generally do better the further up the line-up they are.


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