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1 Laura | on 02 July 2009

hi smile
OoooO this is cool, a bit spooky too…
Your writing is also brilliant, I especially like your video thingy, I’m not sure if you wrote it but if you did, then you deserve your own little book or something .
I am hoping to take photography, depends if i get the grades to get into northgate. What are you taking?

2 kizzy | on 02 July 2009

thankyou! and of course i wrote it smile and thankyou… yeah i’m goin to northgate, if i get the maths pass. if i dont get maths then i have to drop art so i might go to college and do the art btec. fingers crossed for both of us eh?! if i get maths then i’m taking english lit, philosophy and ethics, politics and art…what will you take apart from photography? xxx

3 Laura | on 03 July 2009

Ooo good subjects, they tie in well. I applied for Media studies, English lit and Psychology. After induction day I kind of wish i had have taken ethics instead of media :S.
I have the same back up plan as you ! I have a place at college for the btec national in art smile
having a good holiday so far? xxx

4 kizzy | on 03 July 2009

thats cool! i really wanted to do psycology but it didnt really fit in.. as for the btec… im almost leaning towards it more now i’ve met the people in my classes!! erm yeah my holiday has been awesome so far, hows yours? i’m flyiing into bangkok tomorrow for a few days, then taking the train through the north of vietnam into laos :D and in august im going to a big punk festival in blackpool!!!

where i’m going on holiday you can get plague from flies!

5 Howard | on 03 July 2009

Absolutely beautiful Kizzy

6 kizzy | on 03 July 2009

thankyou! i over edited it and edited it badly at that, i thought itwas quite bad quality so cheers all the more smile

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