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reminds me of a famous nirvana picture

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1 Laura | on 06 November 2009

I want a photo like that. V.good.
You weren’t in art today!
I presumed it was because you were soooo tired after yesterday.
How was yesterday?

2 kizzy | on 06 November 2009

i..erm.. got a little bit wasted. have been sicking up 6 hours worth of drinking haha (sorry to be crude!)
yeah i left my art book in the pub! so defo no art today :D how was it anyway? xx

3 Laura | on 06 November 2009

HAHA smile I guess “a little bit” is the understatement of the year!  and… :S - poor you! sounds better than life drawing classes.

Oh dear, avoid MR.B for as long as possible.
IT WAS BORING. I nearly died and I did actually fall asleep.
he was doing them review things and I didn’t really know what to do. I was going to skive but MR.B saw me first lesson -_-

are you going to the Fireworks @ park tomorrow?


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