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young us

the first oil painting i ever did smile at a weird angle on m y wall

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young us


1 Laura | on 03 July 2009

I watched you paint this in art. haha. Looks 10000 X better than mine did!!
OH MAN you are sooooooo luckyyy! I would love to do all that travelling.
I hope you have a lovely timeeeee anyway.
Better take a fly swat or something then!

I know what you mean, especially the girls, they all looked the same…Kind of wish i had gone to the college induction instead. (how stupid was it that they were on the same day??!!)

Well, your summer makes mine look like, well rather boring. I’ve been to a few theme parks, been to a couple of parties, become a volunteer, ermm… a cold and that’s about it so far.

smile xxx

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