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1 Laura | on 08 July 2009

Yo yo Dan, you ok?
did you actually draw/paint/create all these things?
They are super good.
hows your holiday going?
Still DJing i see smile
Did you go to college induction day dear?

2 Daniel Lee Harvey | on 09 July 2009

im pretty fly for a msytical geezer and i did smile mu ha ha’ it’s going well been doing alot of voluntary work and im starting a radio show soon on the icr smile it will be good, oh yes still djing’ im trying to occur a re-carnation of the vinyl:L i did go to induction day it’ was for half an hour due to the building we were suppose to be in being refurbished, so we had the will to escape, so i went to the park with a platter of fish and chips and chilled out in the sun like a demented aztec god coor’ how are you my ex-science buddy raspberry aha good times and i must say laura, your photography is rather mystical i like the mime picture:L that’s the face i pull when i forgot my keys:L


3 Laura | on 09 July 2009

hahaha raspberry thanks dude.
I didn’t get to go because Ngate induction was on the same day.
How cool is that radio thing! I’ll listen out for you smile
probs see you around town sometime xx

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