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finished sometime in June ‘09.

we’ve all done it..
there is healthy food there somewhere…
it’s just at the bottom, as an afterthought.
notice the recession-like empty shelves : P

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1 Leah | on 27 July 2009

Sarah, what i love about your work is that you manage to capture what everyone thinks and does. It’s just the little things - this again is something i really relate to.

2 rograves | on 28 July 2009

yep i’ve definitely been in this situation! –this used to happen when I was at uni - v hungry from being stingy all day, had no money to pay for it all and no car to take it back in so meant i had to lug 5 heavy bags a 20mins walk home, stopping every 2mins to re-jig the bag handles to stop making large grooves in my hands! ouch!

3 Leah | on 28 July 2009

The lesson here is go to the supermarket when you are already full! But then the opposite happens and you buy nothing.

4 Sarah H | on 03 August 2009

thanks for all the comments : )
seems it isn’t just me then, the problems with shopping (at least food shopping) equal or outweigh the pleasures.
they just need to make an icecream and wine delivery service for my off days ; ]

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