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Tarbosaurus hunt

two tarbosaurs on their early morning hunt. done in photoshop, took about a week. yay for dino spit!

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Tarbosaurus hunt


1 Tommy Human | on 31 July 2009

well worth the time, amazing

2 Sarah H | on 03 August 2009

the spit and the stars complete it for me smile

3 Rezined | on 13 November 2009

your dinosaurus are amazing!

you should upload the one u made for Issue 32, they are all fantastic! wink

4 shazy | on 13 November 2009

Thankyou all! Rezined-thanks, i do love my dinos *hugs them XD* glad you think my art is nice, haha the illustrations i did for issue 32 seemed to go down well^^

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