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Multi-Touch Table

A multitouch table I made a couple years ago.

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1 Sophiee | on 12 September 2008

thats awesome
wierd music though
is it from an applemac advert or something?

2 Tom | on 13 September 2008

Music is DJ Shadow - Midnight in a Perfect World

3 lozz berry | on 24 October 2008

i love dj shadow, you made this amazing machien? shame apple patented the multi toutch thing :/

4 Tom | on 24 October 2008

Yeah I made this.

It uses a different tech from Apple multitouch, but lots of people are patenting this kind of technology even though the theory has been around since the 80s.  So i’m not sure what they are actually patenting.

5 lozz berry | on 24 October 2008

good point, i am suddenly eger to start hunting for that thing they are all paitenting, perhaps you should patent something unimportant and use theatrics and fancy lectures to make it look like multi-toutch was your idea!

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