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Enter Scar Yu

This piece was written for my boyfriends Drum and Bass project. ‘Scar Yu’.

It’s meant to be post apocalyptic view on I suppose, planet earth. The charachters/civilisations mentioned will be taken forhis song names and “A Race Of The Same Face” is currently the standing title of his first album.

In future I will post a link to his myspace, but we’d both prefer to wait until its complete. Music and profile.

Please give you my comments, I’m quite curious about it. It kinda just fell out of me. (:

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Enter Scar Yu

If one was to pass an eye across the horizon, certain sights would be sure to surmise, a dense urban jungle, cracks in pavement, tarmac, deserted, vines creeping along curbs along with a sense of hysteria. Despair feeding, breeding in takeaway cans and packages, vermin scuttling along meter high advertisements, refreshing coca cola? An urban fringe, unlike idyllic country side you may assume; instead advancing forest lay, gross amounts of vegetable matter groans, pressing against the city limits, desperate to gain, plunder the heavy concrete. Backing up towards the crumbling skyline, of scrapers and live power lines, you find Social Darwism, social classes to extremes.

Humanoids, what’s left of the first human race now driven underground like vermin, left to scuttle and hide. The second race; Mutants, human’s greatest creation as well as their downfall free of disease, free of age, beauty, perfectly formed… inbred and defected, a race of the same face. Pale, untanable hands clambering walls, needing to touch hurts. The nerve centre broken down and erased generations ago, the need for society, love; still haunting their minds as they band together.

Hunters dare the forest’s mouth, opened wide and enticing. The full leafy lips hiding the sharp Kanine Warriors within. Those that return come baring young does and fleshy swine; those that do not become the feast of another. As the jungle nourishes the hungered stomachs of the city population, the inhabitants feeds off the city too. The angry green roots break into the concrete, desperate for the soothing polluting sewers. Spores drift like drones, hoping to swallow; be swallowed. Infest lungs and flesh, those who stay too long be fermented with moss from the inside out. Not only are the elements their nemesis but the creature that lies within its earthy retreat, severed from evolution, skulls contorted and grown to hold their larger minds, brain, survival of the fittest, smartest, hardest, inborn armour, which unfurls from every birth. These are hunters, assassins; pack animals that can now hunt and devour on their own. Unburdened by predecessary drawbacks, under the thumbs, lock and key of a smarter race. This kingdom has broken the food’s chains. Morally inept; the hunt for flesh and blood driving them closer to the city limits, unguided my familial bonds, when food is sparse these vicious predators turn on one another, preening off the weaker strains.

Those of you that’d wish to reject the unforgiving city, those who dare to crawl through the heaving jungle; riddled with death. Past these two opposing ying-yang of poison; lies nothing, waste, dirt, sand and heat. The wastelands filled with nothing but the dust of past victims, the trying bones now isolated in the unmoving territory. The eye would cast across the flat planes, and see nothing but vast decadence. The only alteration in the skyline would be when the earth’s surface curved and vanished from sight. And if you dared to follow it, your only hope would to follow its sphere round until you met the lushes green arms of the jungle again…

Unfair do you say? Could there be a Rebellion? The honest soldier and his trying counterpart that’ll reunite our humanities chance, all of this just sounds unjust and unforgiving and un-weakening in our human decent.

Well this is the world Scar Yu.


1 kizzy | on 10 September 2009

wow. very…kafka?
i like the little barbed words that you use. i like the confidence and certainty with which you write, i think it is a great contrast to the surreal description. i like the fact that this is an intelligent concept as well as a potent piece of prose. i can see colours as i read, i almost couldn’t resist saying some of the words you put together cause it feels like you have an instinct for it.

put up more writing!

love x

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