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I was Free!

I had had a terrible day and wanted to get away from things

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I was Free!

I was Free!
My feet pounding onto the wet ground, as rain came pouring down on a late Friday night. I just wanted to get away, away from the pressure of school, work, family and a complicated relationship. I didn’t care where I went; I just let my feet take me away, as I became free.
It was just me and the road. I loved it. It couldn’t argue back, or tell me I was running the wrong way.
Running and running into the night, no one was to be seen and nothing was to be heard apart from the odd car and the barking of dogs. Panting and panting as I started struggling to catch my breath. But I was alone. I was free. No one to argue with. No one telling me what to do. I was my own person once again. Free to do what I want to do, to feel what I want to feel.
As I sat in the middle of a cold, wet, dank field watching the sun set over the tree tops, I thought to myself this is what makes life worth living. A time to forget about the stresses of life. Time to re-fuel and just realise how lucky I am to have no major problems in my life. I was free.
Now I know there are many wonders of the world and times like this are one of them.
I was free!


1 Howard | on 23 September 2009

simple but very effective, really like this terri

2 davidscd | on 01 October 2009

I really enjoyed that smile well done.

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