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badge ideas

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badge ideas


1 Howard | on 16 September 2008

hi lucy, these are very pretty. i like the stag one the best. are they designed according to badge dimensions though, i.e circular?

2 lucyselinahall | on 17 September 2008

spanx, uhuh. The stag one looks best as a badge too, although i do love phillip!!(the giraffe)

3 Sophiee | on 19 September 2008

They will be the best IP1 badges of all. I love them ^_^

4 lozz berry | on 03 December 2008

B.E.A.UTIFUL XD nah, phillip made my favorite badge yet!

5 Sophiee | on 03 December 2008

where they the face ones? I thought they were scary. You can’t beat the Giraffe, i share them with my friends at school to get them onto the website. These are the only badges that could possibly be good enough to do that with, in my opinion at least :D

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