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RapLOWtation is this saturday,
so i shall be at the black sheep mocking the millerchip
feasting my eyes and ears on the one and only Truth,
and hanging some of my own tommy doodles.


1 lozz berry | on 19 October 2009

sweet! is it free im guessing not, how much?

2 Tommy Human | on 21 October 2009

Thanks, I didnt know what to put it up for, so i asked chris and he put it for £35 smackers, and it hasnt sold imafraid.

heres the photo of it being displayed.

3 lozz berry | on 21 October 2009

i mean rapLOWtation tommy haha.

4 Tommy Human | on 21 October 2009

ofcourse its free, its just a shop, you can walk in and have a look upstairs.

5 lozz berry | on 21 October 2009

i read black sheep as the swan for some reason!

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