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The more we add to the palette, the more confusing it becomes.

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1 Tommy Human | on 30 October 2009

this is great, its like an illusion. love the detailed centre against the simple line background

2 louise ward | on 03 November 2009

thanks, i like playing with simplicity. i think ur work is just amazing! would really love to be able to doodle like that but have to rely on photoshop….

3 louise ward | on 03 November 2009

thanks tommy. I think ur work is just amazing - I would love to be able to draw like that!! Do you use a graphics tab or do u just scan them in after you have doodled?
you should enter design competitions - i’m sure you would win a few…here is one link to one - there should be plenty more out there!

4 Tommy Human | on 03 November 2009

thanks very much louise, right back at you, i cant do what you do. I’ve seen that website before, i would love to try one but i’m clueless as what to enter? have you got your own website?

5 louise ward | on 03 November 2009


i think you should enter the ones where u can adapt ur doodling to fit in with the brand and the specific brief.

Hugo Boss have got one at the mo - but not sure if the deadline has passed. cant remember the url but its something like if no,t just type it in in google.

i have got my own url; but its not even slightly up and running yet. dont think ive even got the host sorted yet. am trying to figure it all out - any ideas? i’m clueless has to developing websites and am very slowly trying to teach myself…

i will have a search through some of the design comp briefs for u and see which ones i would suggest. i remember oakley having one ages ago where u could develop a sunglasses design (eg. pattern on them) and i think ur work would fit it really well with something like that!

see you thurs.

6 Tommy Human | on 03 November 2009

the hugocreate website is awesome, so great work on there.

Keep me updated on whats happening on your website, i havent a clue with developing websites, just the design idea i like, but that is also just “keep it simple” lol

thanks for checking out the comp website for me,

yes indeed see u thursday!

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