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What do you think?

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What do you think?

I’d love to make some professional t-shirts, but i need to design some first, so this the first of many hopefully. what do you think? for a bigger view look here


1 Howard | on 09 November 2009

it’s cool, tommy. kind of aztec and 70s. would look shit on me though, i’m not a yellow kind of fellow you see.

2 louise ward | on 10 November 2009

love it! very cool - so many images in one! good stuff! looking forward to your others

3 Tommy Human | on 10 November 2009

yeh other people said it looks quite tribally. dont worry howard i can transfer the design onto any coloured t-shirt, i just thought the design went well with the yellow colour as an image

4 lozz berry | on 12 November 2009

if it would look shit on how that generally means it will look great on me! :D

5 michelle sattaur | on 16 November 2009

i like it, it would look good on a womans vest top too.

6 shazy | on 29 November 2009

love the colours. really, if anything those are my kind of colours, not sure how the design would look on me. Still good art though, awesome^^

7 Tom Wheeler | on 30 November 2009

very nice
i agree with howard but i think theres more too it than aztec and 70’s
perhaps red indian?

8 Howard | on 30 November 2009

what was your inspiration, tommy?

9 Tommy Human | on 02 December 2009

well to be honest i was just making it up as i went along, starting with the eyes downwards, but yeh god knows what it is Aztec, egyptian, tribal or just funny looking bird. i shall upload the next in the series soon!

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