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Water Advert

I made this for a music project.
Plot was kinda screwed.
The lego at the beginning symbolises Water inside a cloud, and the other lego bricks as water.The large rock represents a mountain that the cloud is dispersed upon the rock and comes down as a stream of water.

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1 Tom | on 10 November 2009

Very cool, obviously similar to the original 8-bit-trip video in style but you gave it your own spin. Nice work.

2 Tom Wheeler | on 10 November 2009

Thankyou, I came up with the idea before i watched 8-bit-trip however animation was modelled around the video.
I haven’t been filming long so i think this is a fairly big leap in my filming career

3 Howard | on 10 November 2009

LOVE the end!!

4 Rezined | on 13 November 2009

great work!

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