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Truth & The Millionaires By Morning (Full Band)

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27th November @ Blue Rooms, PJ Mcgintys, Ipswich

Good day motherlovers…here’s something to celebrate. It’s my birthday a few days before this…and so you can all come celebrate me on this day if you’re down for it.. I’m playing with my new band Millionaires By Morning who are a bunch of music playing merry men that live in the four corners of the world.
Here’s whats going on:

—Truth (MC) , Carnell Cook (Vocals) , Wes Holdsworth (Guitar), DJ Muddle (Turntables), Duncan Stewart (bass), Gilead Walters (drums) Sam Holdsworths (Keys)—

We’re gunna be performing stuff off “Procrastinat(K)ing” (Free download here -, some unreleased stuff & a couple of suprises, all backed by live band!

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ POW ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Nee-Hi (Fresh Prince of Ipswich)
Battleskarz - who are rapsuperstars from felixstowe
Rowan James
DJ Muddle spinning records.

Only 3 pound
Come along


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