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Have YOU heard of Suffolk Youth Theatre?
Good start, eh? However I’m sure you can guess from the name what it might be about. Youth group, in Suffolk, does Theatre. Simple stuff.
This year there’s 21 of us, some people from previous shows and some new people, ages 15 to 20. We’re doing a play called “The Country Wife” by a bloke called William Wycherley. If you’ve heard of either him or the play, I’m impressed.
However, if you’re reading this, chances are you’re going to like the content. It’s raunchy, sexy and full of all kinds of energy. Its a period play (i.e. from the past) set in the 1600s and the general plot is Mr Horner (yes, HORNER) decides he needs a new plan to seduce married London women, assisted by his friends Harcourt, Lacklove and Dorilant.
Sound like your sort of thing? If you’ve ever seen “The Libertine” with Johnny Depp, it’s similar, but not as in-your-face. If you haven’t, watch it and see what you think. It’s a 15 rated film, we’re more of a 12A.
We’ve just started rehearsals and are putting the show on in the last week of April (28th April to 1st May to be exact) at the New Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich. Check back to find out how we’re getting on.
And if you think theatre isn’t your thing, think again. This is Suffolk Youth Theatre. You won’t have seen anything like it before, so when the time comes, pull your finger out and get a ticket.
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