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Rehearsals So Far…

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Happy New Year to everyone. Had a good time over Christmas? How many of you had tons of homework to do? If it makes you feel better I’m 19, not at school and still had stuff to do. Our Director at Suffolk Youth Theatre has a nice surprise for us tomorrow - first rehearsal back after the holidays and we’re going to be running through the whole of the first half, without scripts. So, somewhere, over Christmas, hidden among you, cunningly disguised as ordinary people, 21 youth actors have been hurridly learning their lines.
If you read the last blog, and are looking forward to all the raunchy sexiness I promised, you’ll be pleased to know it’s all going as planned. Seduction is rife in Restoration London, leading one lucky cast member to kiss 4 boys in as many minutes.
We’ve also got some publicity photos done for the posters and flyers, so hopefully we’ll be getting them stuck up around Ipswich and Suffolk at large over the next few months.
Now if theatre isn’t your thing, hopefully these blogs will persuade you to come and have a look at us anyway. Theatre is just live cinema; it’s fast paced, exciting and you can meet the cast in the bar afterwards. If you’re nice they might even buy you a drink.
What do you want to see when you go to see a film? Good looking girls and handsome boys? We’ve got them.
A bit of fighting and action? Got that too.
Great new music that stays in your head? Well we have guitarists, bassists, drummers and singers, so yeah, we’ve got that.
Romance, love, lust and desire? We’ve got it multiplied by 5.
Energy, suspense and tension that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end? Well we’ve got all that too.
Laughter, fun and enjoyment which will make you think, “Why haven’t I come to see these guys before?” Have we disappointed yet? Of course we’ve got all that.
Put the dates below in your diary, or phone, or computer, or anywhere that won’t let you forget that Suffolk Youth Theatre are bringing “The Country Wife” to the New Wolsey in April.

The young men of London know what they want.

And they know how to get it…

Suffolk Youth Theatre’s “The Country Wife” is at the New Wolsey Theatre 28th April to 1st May 2010. Tickets available soon from the theatre box office.


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