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Blanket of Night - Beeba featuring Jameson

Running Times:
Music Video: 5 mins 12 secs
Outakes & Credits: 4 mins 19 secs

Please watch the video first - spoilers ahead!

This is a music video I made with 2 Ipswich-based singer/song-writers (Beeba and Jameson).
I’d never seen a music video where each line of the song was filmed at a different location - so I thought I’d give it a go.

The original plan was to film it indoors and outdoors all over East Anglia, London and other nearby places, but due to various problems and issues,
I finally decided on filming it solely in Suffolk, which I think makes the video a bit more personal and closer to home as all 3 of us grew up here.

The video was filmed in about 9 days in the summer of 2009. However, Jameson finished work at about 3pm and Beeba started work at about 6pm.
I think we only filmed for 2 or 3 full days (11am to 7pm) - plus we also had to wait around for the sun to come out and the general public to get out of the way!
So as you can see, time was very much against us.

Beeba and Jameson are two close friends of mine so the filming was more like a mini holiday than work.
I’ve also included the outtakes to show you what went on behind the scenes and to show you the laugh we had making it.
Everytime I watch this I want it to be hot and sunny again =)
Finally, if anyone can name every single location in the video then there’s a special prize waiting for you.

Any criticisms and comments are welcome.

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2009 (C) M.Y FIlms/Beeba/Jameson

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1 Andy | on 19 January 2010

Nice work guys. Must have taken a lot of effort! Any chance of a subtitled version with all the places named?

2 M.Y Films | on 20 March 2010

Thanks =)
Nah, that’d spoil it!

3 Tommy Human | on 20 March 2010

very cool!

4 M.Y Films | on 20 March 2010

Cheers Tommy =)

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