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New exhibition at Gallery 3, Ipswich Town Hall

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New exhibition at Gallery 3, Ipswich Town Hall

Come along to see a new exhibition showing the art work of Colin Moss, Artist & Teacher.
An artist, teacher and journalist, he became well known for his honest depictions of ordinary life. He was born in Ipswich but studied at Plymouth and the Royal College of Art. Then later designed camouflage for the Ministry of Defence. In 1947 he became senior lecturer at the Ipswich School of Art where he taught for 32 years.
Our everyday lives became Moss’ subjects; a woman brushing her hair, people watching a film, a couple kissing and soldier’s playing cards. An inventive artist he could capture these moments in oil, watercolour, prints and drawings.  The art on show will reveal the diversity of Moss as an artist and his observations of life.
Gallery 3 is upstairs in the Town Hall, Ipswich. Free admission. Tues-Sat 10-5pm.


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