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We want a IP1 Exhibition thingy!

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A suggestion was made to make our own ip1 exhibition, does this interest anyone? we would need contributions from anyone creative… Photographers, Designers, Artists, Illustrators, writers, performers, music etc etc

just leave a comment if you like this idea or if you want to contribute


1 Howard | on 05 February 2010

yeah, i think this would be a nice idea, maybe for the summer, early summer. we could hook up with lielow and sketch or do our own thing.

2 shazy | on 05 February 2010

This would be great. I’d take part

Would be cool to just set up a load of easels in the town center or something on a nice day and encourage people walking by to stop and draw something (could print a load of the drawings in the mag?)

3 brunswick | on 08 February 2010

excellent idea !! i know quite a few folk who would be up for getting involved…. just what the town needs…

4 Hamual | on 08 February 2010

i’d be WELL up for skweejaying

5 BarnabyKent | on 06 March 2010

I would very much like to get involved where possible smile

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