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Sorry if you were waiting for the update I said was coming about three weeks ago… my bad. As you may have noticed, we had a lot of snow over Christmas, so we had several rehearsals cancelled. Also, we’ve now started on the second half of the show, which is more bitty than the first half, not everyone is needed all of the time, and I’m not needed very much.
However, here is an update on where we’ve got to so far. We’ve just finished a set of four rehearsals over the beginning of half-term, and we’ve actually got to the end of the second half. We have set every scene and we know how it finishes, which is of course very useful for the actors involved. This is also mildly surprising, as we usually have a bit of a panic with two weeks to go about a couple of scenes towards the end where we still don’t know what’s really going on. The reason for such alarming progress this year compared to previous shows is because the performance week this year is earlier than usual. If we weren’t ahead of where we usually are at half-term, we’d be hard-pressed to get a show on for you.
Anyway, we’re now getting along quite nicely. All we need to do now is make sure we can consistently get our lines spot-on and polish what we’ve got. We also had Andrew Clarke, a journalist from the East Anglian Daily Times, come to watch our run of most of the first half and interview some of the cast members. He’s writing an article which will hopefully be in the paper sometime next week, so look out for it.
The only other development recently is that we may be putting on a matinee show on Saturday afternoon. This is good for you because if you don’t feel like giving up a clubbing night on Friday or Saturday, you can come along in the afternoon and still go out in the evening. Good times.
We’ve only got about six weeks to go now, so I hope to see you there to watch all our hard work unfold perfectly in the last week of April. Join our Facebook group as well, as details will be going up there nearer the performance week about tickets, publicity etc, and it also has a link to the event page for the show. Search for SYT – Suffolk Youth Theatre.
Suffolk Youth Theatre present “The Country Wife” at the New Wolsey Theatre from 28th April to 1st May. Contact the Theatre for more details, or visit the SYT Facebook page.


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