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Memories of a Mermaid

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Memories of a Mermaid

A glittering sliver of something was glimpsed on the horizon today.

Bobbing slowly nearer, like a cork on a rough sea

Every now and then the beauty of it caught the eye of a turning sunbather

A child even pointed once, declaring it a mermaid

But as the day drew on, interest waned, and the beach began to clear

The glimpse of glitter swelling with the tide grazed the shore for the first time

Finally coming to a halt.

Moments passed.

The snout of a spaniel snuffled about its form

A dog walker stopped hesitantly, poking at it with her toe

A body flopped back

A picture of sullied perfection

Skin, a wonderful shade of pale

Eyes wide with an expression of mild surprise

A mane of colourless hair lay spattered across the beach

Only a curl of paper held within his hand

With trembling fingers the dog walker removed the note

“I told you not to drown.”

It said.


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