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Another Natural Disaster

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Another Natural Disaster

A halo of fluttering hot air flickers, glitters next to the road side.
The thick smell of burning rubber, and the suffocating scent of petrol rises, before the wind carries it up, up and away, curling through fluttering palm trees, dancing about children and veiling their pepperings of gypsy-Spanish.

A woman and her children sit, not far from the playing children.
Moments before they had been driving, tyres crunching over sand streaked tarmac.
The Mother had turned her head briefly, to quieten the children in the back seat.
The moment had been long enough for the vehicle to slip, for the wheels to scutter and slide, before crashing, tipping, and turning over, once, twice, three times before settling in a ditch.
The glass of the windows shattered and rained down upon the numb faces of her children, pretty as twinkling confetti.

Everywhere else the hum of the afternoon played on.
The sun blossomed higher and higher in the sky before sinking,
Setting on the slumbering blue blood of another natural disaster.


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