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Acts of Poetic Insanity

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Acts of Poetic Insanity

I, she, have so many selves,

So many destructive selves.

I, she, am not too sure of who I am,

For there are several of me.

I am honest

She, dishonest

We, both, most of the time

It’s the honest ones that need to be watched,

One can always trust dishonest folk to be dishonest.

Trust me

You can mistrust me, less than you can mistrust her.

These selves,

They wriggle free from me,

And sneak off to commit acts for which I may or may not be responsible for.

I, she, am not at all sure, whether any of this actually happened,

Or if it, I, she, was simply a tale, told by me, to she, or I.

I, she, have so many selves.


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