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The Emerald Palace

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The Emerald Palace

I’m told there is an Emerald Palace
Somewhere on the sapphire sea
There, they say, lives a prince of stone
I’m quite sure he can’t see me.

They say his heart is worn by time
That his beauty is marred and vague
And I’ve heard tales of a halo of mist
Where the Emerald Palace could be mine

I wonder, does his mind writhe in agony,
While he waits for his Princess to see?
Or is this just the majesty of my ideas?
I’m quite sure he cannot see me.

Does he see through those grey stale eyes?
Would he notice? Does he realise?
Do those windows, tinted with an affluent sheen
Hide more than the Emerald Palace I’ve seen

I wonder if he feels for people he has left,
Or for myself that has feelings so bereft
Because in that Emerald Palace on the sea,
I’m quite sure he cannot see me…


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