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Hidden between the many moneymaking franchises of every British high Street you will find the mindless youth of uncreative greed being glamorized by brands and ignorance.
One such youth has been spotted weekly outside a dying fast food institution contemplating life while energizing his thoughtless spirit with what can only be described as an EXTRA EXTRA LARD milkshake.
Stow Kid was created for people to engage with the next generation and encourage them not to become slaves to consumerism and boredom by seeing what they could become…....Stow Kid.
Stickers and files are sent on request for people to actively promote creativity and inclusion.

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1 Tommy Human | on 27 February 2010

i want to be stow kid!

2 joel | on 02 March 2010

who wants stickers???

3 Howard | on 02 March 2010

IP1 wants stickers.

4 Hamual | on 02 March 2010

I like stickers, I can even swap some for a fridge magnet

5 Howard | on 02 March 2010

what fridge magnets have you got available?

6 Tommy Human | on 02 March 2010

i need to know how u make magnets
and stowkid for the win! i am stowkid

7 Hamual | on 03 March 2010

Pubstep fridgemagnets, I get them done through an online company, they look pretty fresh

8 joel | on 03 March 2010

send me home names (address) through my site and i will post some out to you all.

9 Hamual | on 03 March 2010

Check ur email wink

10 Howard | on 03 March 2010

can you send to IP1 address available here:

oh, and hamual, we got a fridge in our office. it’s looking bare though. so, if you see simon….

11 Tommy Human | on 04 March 2010

whats the online company? i feel some ip1 magnets coming on

12 joel | on 31 March 2010

Stickers are at the swan please pick and enjoy smile

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