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Alphabits: Z is for Zulu

One of the newest members of The boys who draw collective Julian James was kind Enough to ask me to collaborate with 26 artists to create a alphabet poster for a project for Children In Need called ALPHABITS.
Each artist creates a letter of the alphabet which will go together to make a large poster.

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Alphabits: Z is for Zulu


1 Tommy Human | on 27 February 2010

when can we see the whole alphabet kind sir?

2 Howard | on 27 February 2010

Zis is zee best! I’d like to see an ‘I’ a ‘P’ and, although it’s not strictly in the aplphabet, a ‘1!!

3 joel | on 02 March 2010

thanks both.
the alphabits project site will be up very soon thanks to julian james(vector god like gen-uis)

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