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Cutters Choice feat. Laurie Webb - Falling

This is comming out on Rave Style-e Records, release date is 1st April, J-tek remixes included with various others.

cat number from the label will be RSE006

so go buy it on 1st april.

huge respect to laurie for an amazing job on the vocals.

Cutters Choice feat. Laurie Webb

if you like… Raiden, Spor, Nausea then go listen.

big up the lovers.. and the haters

keep your heads peeled for more manic releases comming soon.

Big respect to my girl Anna for putting up with me, through-out the making of this track and the video!
Keep supporting the cause of course!

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1 Howard | on 04 March 2010

loving this tune, roll on summer!

2 Frisky Dingo | on 04 March 2010

sweet beats if you ever want to do re-mixes or collaborative work message me. My work can be found under Gay Keyring

3 cutters choice | on 04 March 2010

Hi guys big respect for the support, I actually have a spread comming up in the paper now, and big respect to rollerworld colchester for playing my tune lastnight. And of course fusion on wcrfm radio every sunday caining it. There is huge stuff in the pipeline, I have a followup to falling comming out next, and I also have another 6 tunes being released. I’m very busy as you can imagine, with interviews and what not, and promoting, if you want to help then let me know and I will do the best or what I can for you aswell. I’m here to show others we can all make our dreams become reality, just have to find the drive which is inside all of us. Be positive and don’t let any knock backs stop you from doing what you love and like. Music is hows we all connect on a higher level. Music could stop wars, if only those with the weapons stopped the listen to the deeper message.

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