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Flew Sneakypeaks

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Flew Sneakypeaks

Flew Sneakypeaks
Fallout E.P
Ambiel Music

Flew Sneakypeaks has masterminded a sound which will capture the imagination of aspiring musicians. A blend of Breakbeat drumming and unique synthesisers create a landscape rarely heard in either the Drum and Bass or Breakbeat genres.

Whilst there are songs that lean towards the typical Drum and Bass sound and production, he provides distinctiveness to his work that forces the songs to be far from mundane.

The most prominent detail of his creativity rests with the drum production. It sounds as if the drums have been distorted and the result then sharply compressed. The level of harshness and brutality of the drums provides a good indicator on how dark he wants to portray the mood of the track.

The highlight of this E.P lies within the song ‘Synchronicity’, which will captivate any listener with its enticing and hypnotic bass line, making me wish I had a subwoofer in my car.


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