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Astroboy Review

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Astroboy Review

Astroboy Boy
Ambiel Music

This most recent outing from Astroboy compiles a collection of provocative tunes with a higher musical ingenuity, which is unfamiliar to anyone who has heard his earlier work. Astroboy has reduced the chill-out vibe and common characteristics shown in previous songs and included far darker sound-scapes and ambiguous song writing.

From the first track Surge the album entices the listener, making him or her concentrate on each instrument and its involvement in the piece, how it’s introduced and its purpose and placement in the song. This interest and intensity is what the album relies on to remain fresh.

How Astroboy achieves such a feat is by using an expansive variation of electronic genres, including his signature glitch sound, with admirable results.

In summary, if the album .Next. is what we should expect Astroboy to produce from now on, then contemporaries and aspiring artists should sit up and take note.


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