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Asleep In Your Palm

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Asleep In Your Palm

Can you speak in tongues,
With yours in my mouth?
Kissing the weapon,
I use to pronounce.

Set me apart,
From the map of your men.
I’ll be an island,
Where we can begin.

The end of your plague,
Marks the start of your moon.
My heaven is here,
Here in your room.

Let out your ghosts,
Whisper me truths.
I’ll be the key,
Your shackles removed.


1 Howard | on 17 March 2010

Your poetry is very romantic and your beard is splendid.

2 Marcell Grant | on 25 April 2010

The land based metaphor is great!

3 emmanuel | on 25 April 2010

This is really beautiful poetry. The ladies must love it.

4 shazy | on 25 April 2010

Aww! That was rather sweet

5 Tinny Buffnell | on 31 May 2010

Thank you all. I really appreciate the comments. Also, a big thank you Howard for putting me in the new mag, it’s great to get recognition x

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